Cabrera is a small, funny and hospitable city located on the north-east coast of the island, overlooking the ocean between the municipalities of Rio San Juan and Abreu to the west and the sea and the town of Nagua to the north east.

Between Abreu and Cabrera there are many of the beautiful luxury villas and panoramic views in the Dominican Republic and many bet on the future tourist exploitation of the area, where, to this day, tourism is not all-inclusive, but composed of international expatriate communities from France, Western Europe, USA and Canada that enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the reefs and sandy beaches along with the local population, often formed of wealthy agricultural and rancher entrepreneurs.

A Playa Grande, is an incomparable natural combination between sky, earth and water, rises, peeking over the ocean, the most important golf club in all of the north coast, as well as real estate project of the same name. All the coast feature that goes from Rio San Juan to Abreu and Cabrera, from the green and sweet mountains to the lush hills also facing the sea, is an ideal area for investments in land and to develop any type of real estate solution.
1stCaribbeanRealty offers its own team of professionals for the study and realization of real estate projects, the individuation of the site, the design and subsequent execution of the work, freeing you of the legal and bureaucratic aspects.

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