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Living at 250 meters high

In Chongqing, the largest city in southwest China, an unusual horizontal skyscraper is on its way to reaching the world record for being the longest of its kind; a structure of 300 meters in length and over 250 meters in height. Architect Moshe Safdie leads the project in response to the problem of overpopulation in the world’s biggest metropolises.

An extremely challenging project, Chongqing Raffles City is a product of China’s unprecedented technological and urban development, with use of vertical urban space gaining more and more priority. It will become the tallest and widest glass building in the world; with houses, offices, transportation and even a public park.

Many cities in Asia are taking this route. These horizontal giants are a way to create new much-needed space for living quarters, as well as parks and recreation facilities in dense cities like Chongqing, where there is no space on the ground for them.

Instead of thinking of cities as two-dimensional spaces united by the earth, architects are starting to think of space in three-dimensional form, with spaces that connect some buildings with others.

Chongqing is a city of reference for this new urban concept, thanks to its highly connected layout; its aerial pedestrian bridges that connect skyscrapers, trains that cross buildings, and even cable cars that literally cross the city, passing through the buildings if necessary. It is an interconnected urban web and a way to the future. Question: would you like to live in this new incredible reality?